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    I guess what we’re trying to create, kills us ..at the end..no matter how perfect of a world. We try to imagine, no matter what…we can never play god. In a sense ..that’s what I got from the movie, and maybe one day we need to stop and disconnect, I think I’m going to disconnect for a while, get aquatinted with what the world, has to offer, so more or so..a monthly challenge before my birthday, start on the 20th of April, and probably get back on the 20th of August. It’ll be worth while I believe. It’ll be me getting familiar with what life without the internet is.

    I think this is a final push, I might see my friend perform tonight and just kind of focus on the life challenges that are out there..in this world… Transcend myself with human connections, since the internet is meant to make the world smaller. I actually want to know how big it is… Johnny Depp was phenomenal. I love his acting, but connecting this back to my life. I know this can all be powered down, with just one button.



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    Hennessy V.S and Nas Celebrate 20 Years of Illmatic

    Hennessy V.S hosted an intimate brunch at the Ingleside Inn in Palm Springs during week one of Coachella to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Nas’ legendary “Illmatic” album with an exclusive look at the new documentary, “Time is Illmatic.”

    Following his amazing performance on the Coachella stage Saturday night, where he amazed the crowd with special appearances from Jay Z and Diddy, Nas along with Hennessy V.S hosted an intimate brunch on Sunday offering a sneak peak of the new documentary film, “Time is Illmatic.” Held at the Ingleside Inn in Palm Springs, guests of the event included Lance Gross, Eva Marcille, Damon Wayans, Jernaine Dupri, and more. Guests were treated to brunch while they sipped on classic and innovative Hennessy concoctions throughout the day before being treated to an exclusive screening of the trailer for Time is Illmatic, co-created and produced by Illa Films producers, One 9 and Erik Parker. “Time is Illmatic” will premier at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival in New York on April 16. Nas’ 20th anniversary re-release Illmatic,  Illmatic XX is available today.

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  10. Botswana, Egypt, Eritrea, Jamaica, & Sudan.

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  13. things going on in the world have been making me sad.

    I really want to be an active citizen again it’s been a while……


  14. vulgar |ˈvəlgər|

    adjective | lacking sophistication or good taste

    Majority of my posts seem to have me complaining and crying, which leads me to believe. I’m a very unhappy, negative, and ill-mannered person. Ever do a self evaluation and get really weirded out about the things you have said or done? Well, my life has been quite eventful these past 6 months, and I wanted to take you on to my journey and I wanted to make myself very clear. I have gone from Columbus, Ohio where I’ve been staying for the past 9 years, I attended my last year of middle school and my high school years, as well as college. I’m basically from Ohio, but I never had the Ohio mindset, although 99% of who I am is defined by the things I learned while living in Ohio. I mean.. the rest I was influenced by Cambridge, but I hope to even that out with the more time I spent out here in Massachusetts. My childhood years, were spent out on the East Coast, which makes up 1% of my drive, but other factors of my life like being Somali and American also makes me who I am. I definitely want to be on-top of my game, and I need to get to where I’m going so. I won’t be this non-serious about my blog anymore, I will definitely be putting things such as emotions aside, because the LAST DUDE I TALKED TO…

    Here’s a quick background, I think when it comes to successful relationships you must definitely have someone be honest with you as you are honest with them. I see the guys I have dealt with as great examples of the ideal relationship I will NOT end up in, I hold NO grudges, I respect all people that I’ve been with… but man they were just… I don’t even think I can say it.. I’ll say they were VERY interesting, I respect them like I said. No more relationships for Nasra, she’s out of the game. I was out of it 2012 but I somehow tried to make it work again, but it’s a clear waste of time. I mean driving to Cincinnati for ol’ boy and my ex- that played ball for Cleveland State (who now follows me on instagram) really didn’t do anything for my feelings, and now that I’m in a different state I definitely don’t want to be committed to ANYONE, or talk to ANYONE. even homeboy from our spectular date, which ended wonderfully got the boot, because he’s just very very handsome, but has no depth, and I felt no real chemistry, great kisser though.

    Ok, back to what I was saying, when I want to the fashion show this past saturday, I learned a lot…  I kind of always like to attend fashion shows, whether they are private events or culture show events hosted by colleges, this one happened to be open to the public and it was actually funny that my friend from Mifflin High School was hosting since he has a radio show in Columbus, which is really cool. One of my other charter high school friends actually works at the Columbus radio station too, I hope they make it very far.. any whom,  I was put on the spot light of course, so embarrassing, like I love being Lowkey to begin with, I never get to be low-key, so many things happen anyways. I just went  to get inspired, because I would love to combine architecture with fashion, with interior designs, and basic structure, and we try to bring that idea to Ohio State, but people ain’t never appreciate what was NEW until, they actually get it to their FACE! I met a lot of dope people from Boston Uni, New York, and even Columbus! Networking is dope. The grind is real.

    Many more events, going on..keep it based and thank you!

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