1. Idk I feels like being silly 😝

  3. I tired.

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  5. Egg-cellent !!!

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  7. Transcendence

    I guess what we’re trying to create, kills us ..at the end..no matter how perfect of a world. We try to imagine, no matter what…we can never play god. In a sense ..that’s what I got from the movie, and maybe one day we need to stop and disconnect, I think I’m going to disconnect for a while, get aquatinted with what the world, has to offer, so more or so..a monthly challenge before my birthday, start on the 20th of April, and probably get back on the 20th of August. It’ll be worth while I believe. It’ll be me getting familiar with what life without the internet is.

    I think this is a final push, I might see my friend perform tonight and just kind of focus on the life challenges that are out there..in this world… Transcend myself with human connections, since the internet is meant to make the world smaller. I actually want to know how big it is… Johnny Depp was phenomenal. I love his acting, but connecting this back to my life. I know this can all be powered down, with just one button.



  8. My go see | Transcendence. | face.

  9. stranger|danger (hi.)

  10. (Working Woman Wednesday), full time| netflix watcher, part time| human.

  11. Ben Dahlhaus photographed by Esra Sam

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  13. nassays:

    Hennessy V.S and Nas Celebrate 20 Years of Illmatic

    Hennessy V.S hosted an intimate brunch at the Ingleside Inn in Palm Springs during week one of Coachella to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Nas’ legendary “Illmatic” album with an exclusive look at the new documentary, “Time is Illmatic.”

    Following his amazing performance on the Coachella stage Saturday night, where he amazed the crowd with special appearances from Jay Z and Diddy, Nas along with Hennessy V.S hosted an intimate brunch on Sunday offering a sneak peak of the new documentary film, “Time is Illmatic.” Held at the Ingleside Inn in Palm Springs, guests of the event included Lance Gross, Eva Marcille, Damon Wayans, Jernaine Dupri, and more. Guests were treated to brunch while they sipped on classic and innovative Hennessy concoctions throughout the day before being treated to an exclusive screening of the trailer for Time is Illmatic, co-created and produced by Illa Films producers, One 9 and Erik Parker. “Time is Illmatic” will premier at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival in New York on April 16. Nas’ 20th anniversary re-release Illmatic,  Illmatic XX is available today.

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  14. Botswana, Egypt, Eritrea, Jamaica, & Sudan.

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