1. vent.

    how does this work.

     after paying I would say thousands of dollars, to transport myself back & forth and pay off this school debt, and so on so forth. I can finally say, alhamdulialh. I don’t ever worry or stress about money. Yet, I’m tired of truly struggling due to poor decision making, if you’re not present for my lowest of lowest of lowest, lower than low. then whatever……………

    I don’t want and need you in my presence when I do get the opportunity, to say … “it’s been a long dreadful journey but, I made it.” you don’t understand how much I HATE failure an to not get things placed the way I want them… & it truly makes me sick to my stomach. Patience is me. I suppose. on a brighter side. I love the fact.. that i can finally breathe  in a way. I’m making a list of all my debts and paying them off slowly. I truly despise dealing with others…I just want  to handle things on my own, tired of pleasing people. I have let many negative relationships go, I know whats better for me… I don’t know why people are forcing other things. I get one more shot at this and only person I fear is myself standing in my own path, I know how to be great, regardless of things others may impose on me.

    So, I truly wish the best for everyone out there hustling for theirs………………… who ever you maybe..keep pushing..find the light.

  2. giant slide was a challenge. 


    Ohio State Fair. ‘14

  3. The Ohio State Fair. ‘14

    (I’ve never been, it was great.)

  4. Eid x Birthday girl Salma,

    +  Amina, Siraji.

  5. I’ll be starting up my iLLmatic Vlog again.

    August 1st should be my first real post. 


  7. finally got to see this. #BostonArt

  8. Closure - Ab-Soul

    In 2012, I really used Soul’s album to get through so many things, and it really helped me over come the difficulties of love that i was facing, and now to get this song and video. I can most certainly relate to, I have never had a artist explain the pain, in songs of heart ache so perfectly, and the way he depicts this person, and them not picking up when he needed to hear what they had to say, it’s not easy dealing with. Great video. 
    I love the song as well. I’m glad he’s here, saving me again in 2014. Thank you Ab-Soul.

  9. bae & me #latenights


  10. "I think about architecture all the time. That’s the problem. But I’ve always been like that. I dream it sometimes."
    — Zaha Hadid
  11. shihlun:

    Le Corbusier

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  12. #TBT VLOG of me.. for you guys,  I can’t stop laughing at myself.

  13. #foreign is never #boring.

  14. Yep. 

  15. Pillar Point - Dreamin’ (coolest video I’ve seen in a while.)