1. Love is overrated/fake to me

    ….My philosophy ..I’m too logical for love… I just think everyone needs consistent sex with one person. & mental stimulation..& money & some tolerance for bullshit that might arise

    That simple.
    Everything else like feelings & sensitivity leave it outside of this agreement


  2. what I want (not now but in working towards in like 6-7 years)

    1. A simple wedding, no more than 75 guests | French/ Arabian styled
    2. A great honey moon ( to where ever)
    3. A great place to live (great location-where ever hires me) furnished with just a really expensive bed ..for now.
    4. our own traditions
    5. Planning Our first vacation as husband & wife
    6. Once a week dinners (to random spots in whatever city we end up in)
    7. Just 5 silent minutes of staring at you a day
    8. music nights / music mornings / endless tea ..working separate but together
    9. Prayers together
    10. & just understanding I’m not going anywhere & you shouldn’t either
    11. A — Sofia & we can buy her coloring books & a violin in very advance..

    ( disclaimer:: May deal with sadness periods, where I distance myself a lot.. May vent on twitter:::May post attractive selfies on instagram (hopefully doesn’t exist by the time you come around):: May have guy friends who give me loans, that I pay right back..::may also sell crack to widows and orphans.. May spend lots of time with family because they need me too .. May :: work on endless projects that stress me out but a how are you text may solve it. Or Ice cream:: May :: need a mountain & a lot niggas just ain’t cut to be leaned on.. & that’s really all my flaws & if you can’t handle that …oh well. )

    I guess that’s all I wanted .. I don’t how I accumulated this list of things … God will throw you a curve ball.. & make you end up with an atheist lol & you’d navigate into trying to be with that person…but I guess I might end up with someone completely different from this list or has his own crazy ideas but this isn’t even a real list it’s a fucking late night coffee can’t sleep list but I think my heart desires this. In a weird honest way. Maybe he exists, I’ll slap him when I see him should be here to stop this list to be sent out…


  3. I’m about to bootleg watch Planet of the apes, although it looks lame.

    fight me. I’ma thug.


  4. stop breaking down music.

    I hate hate hate, when people break down music when it’s first released. Trying to be first at it. People did that with so much albums, since blogging became the hot shit.  I think I want to give it a least a couple of spins ..before I give that review. I loved Ab-Soul’s one song, Closure. I WILL NOT do a review on it, until I listen to the whole thing a couple of times, maybe really listen to it.. I mean I don’t give thorough reviews but already getting the sense that this album isn’t going to better than is his freshman album. 

    I STILL don’t agree with a lot of things said about Yeezus,’til today. We don’t see eye to eye on that album, a lot of people hated it. I think that album is pure genius. It’s lame how people would say, in one sentence its  ”sonically” not a good album ..and then they say which songs they enjoyed that includes Black Skinned Head, Blood on the Leaves, Bound 2 and New Slaves, that’s pretty much the whole album..OH &  People still quote “I’m in it” & “on sight” so exactly why would anyone say it’s a bad album. It IS wayyy better than most DJ MUSTARD produced bullshit that’s been radio for the past god knows when. I can’t really recall how many songs he produced that are getting back to back play on the radios here in Boston and else where.  SO I won’t be the one to listen to the radio…at all.. but shit I won’t be the one to review a song, or anything like that on the quickness either, I don’t care if those things correlate but I’m saying, being forced to listen to songs on the radio ««<.

    Sure we can all like the sound of something,if  it’s good vibes..or what not, but we can’t sit here and break down what we are listening without actually listening to it. It goes into heavy rotation, not because I’m slow, but because I didn’t get it the first time, and some songs… that I listen to today, from back in the 90s I think DAMN, I just got that, LOL. It’s funny because I would’ve never gotten that a few years ago…so we have to actually give songs TIME. It’s always the people who don’t understand music who are quick to break it down, we can say the same things about an album , Yeezus being an example, lol. Oh he made references to his exes and he did drugs and i didn’t like that about him, or how he expressed himself, but then again I want an album like MBDTF whatever it’s called. That to me his probably top of the line, grade a, put a lot of creative effort and money, and just overall his whole passion into making that album. He was at the height of his career and I remember him being the first rapper I heard on NPR radio like really really being gassed up. So I love that album, copped it Vinyl .. I fucking hate his personality and everything he stands for though sometimes I just love that he’s so fucking cocky, that it’s easy to see his insecurities. He’s clearly troubled and I had so much coffee today .. & I just wish people would erase all these overly breaking it down, rap genius, bullshit, over analyzing, it’s just music, don’t make it more than what it is, leave it alone because it’s not made for you to understand, just let it speak for itself, it’s art, and just stop.

    People don’t break down country music, like they do rap I think that’s why I love country music, they break it down but to their own understanding you know. If billy jumped over the fence to kiss becky sue, that’s exactly what he did. You either have the choice to interpret it as he loved her a lot, or he loved her a lot. The thing with country is they do have a lot of stories to tell and it’s just more interesting, I don’t identify with gangster rap all the time, I’m scared of guns, I don’t think women should be degraded, and I don’t know a lot of people from the hood. I mean I grew there, but I was sheltered, I knew everything but I stayed inside for the most part. So I adapted to country and rap was more of a fantasy.. country made me soft, it talked about love and unity and all that cute stuff. … so yeah people interpret country their own way, and people shouldn’t be allowed to interpret rap or translate it or fucking make rap genius reference I hate all of you…


    you get what I’m saying & we probably overly talk about this if you’re a close friend of mine. I just wanted to write that down, it was inspired but the idiot who in one sense can’t make music himself and talks shit like he can be that artist…and do it better…and to rap genius assholes making up bulllshit meanings. WE DON’T GIVE A FUCK & these rappers are just rapping they’re not trying to be deep good try though.  Also Macklemore..influenced this and IGGY… I like her..but I think RAPSODY IS THE SHIT. 

  5. finally got to see this. #BostonArt

  6. Closure - Ab-Soul

    In 2012, I really used Soul’s album to get through so many things, and it really helped me over come the difficulties of love that i was facing, and now to get this song and video. I can most certainly relate to, I have never had a artist explain the pain, in songs of heart ache so perfectly, and the way he depicts this person, and them not picking up when he needed to hear what they had to say, it’s not easy dealing with. Great video. 
    I love the song as well. I’m glad he’s here, saving me again in 2014. Thank you Ab-Soul.

  7. bae & me #latenights


  8. "I think about architecture all the time. That’s the problem. But I’ve always been like that. I dream it sometimes."
    — Zaha Hadid
  9. shihlun:

    Le Corbusier

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  10. #TBT VLOG of me.. for you guys,  I can’t stop laughing at myself.

  11. #foreign is never #boring.

  12. Yep. 

  13. Pillar Point - Dreamin’ (coolest video I’ve seen in a while.)

  14. 💞

  15. Video // De Rotterdam is a “dynamic presence in the city”